Project Kenai Video Tutorials

Note: Project Kenai help is available from the Help wiki home page at Project Kenai Documentation and Training. That page provides a complete Table of Contents for the Kenai help, plus a list of recent help pages and a link to the release notes for the latest release. If you want access to the project itself so you can see the forums, participate in the email lists, or bookmark the project, use the links on the right.

The Project Kenai video tutorials listed below provide an overview of Project Kenai and get you started with setting up your user profile, connecting to other users, creating projects, and managing projects.

Welcome to Project Kenai
An overview of Project Kenai with pointers on how to get around the site, how to find projects and other members, and how to sign up and get started. There's also a quick introduction to NetBeans.

Setting Up Your User Profile
How to get started with your user profile and connect with other members.

Creating and Managing a Project
How to create a project, plus an overview of managing a project's features and members.

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